The launch of his 2008 presidential campaign in Springfield in Illinois should have been a clue to what kind of president he would be.

Somehow the pervasive myth that Barack Obama was in any way, shape or form a good president has not been killed off for some reason. This is a Democratic Party zombie lie. Zombie lies is the name Home Box Office Real Time comedian Bill Maher gave to GOP myths and lies that persisted despite being continuously discredited.  The launch of his 2008 presidential campaign in Springfield in Illinois should have been a clue to what kind of president he would be. This is where Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, made his House Divided speech. He was not even a good Senator or a good Democrat prior to his first presidential campaign. As US Senator for Illinois he, like then president George Walker Bush, supported the Zionist state of Medinat Yisrael’s military offensive on Lebanon. Fortunately, Hezbollah prevented the Zionist state of Medinat Yisrael from killing more than the 1,251 civilians they killed in the offensive. In 2005 Obama sponsored an immigration reform bill with John McCain and Ted Kennedy. It failed. He was successful in sponsoring bills for decommissioning weapons of mass destruction however this good work has been undone with his misguided neoconservative, sorry “liberal interventionist”, foreign policy bovine excrement provoking Russia in Ukraine and Syria. It has also been undermined and undone by the fact that nuclear warhead production is at peak production during his presidency. Another successful bill sponsored by Obama that can be viewed with irony is the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act 2006 considering this man is the same right wing zealot who cut hundreds of millions in food stamps but was happy to give Cecile Richards and her organisation hundreds of millions which have not been accounted for. It is notable how the US military never got the same treatment from the 2009 Nobel Peace laureate that food stamps and social welfare did. It is remarkable also how there is always enough corporate welfare for Wall Street, Military contractors and the abortion industry. One would think he was trying to consolidate America as a Fascist dictatorship.

Obama is of Irish descent yet values the special relationship between Britain and America as well as supporting Bill Clinton’s foreign policy disaster that was Sunningdale 2. Anyone still under the illusion that foreign military occupation, partition and segregationist apartheid work can come to Ireland, observe and tell me honestly that Sunningdale 2 functions well. Any objective observer can see clearly Sunningdale 2 is a miserable failure. As the Irish News and Irish Times have reported more people have died in Ireland since Sunningdale 2 than the amount who died in the war known as The Troubles. There are more segregationist peace lines which are massive walls literally physically segregating streets and residential areas than there were when Sunningdale 2 was signed. Yet Clinton still boasts about Sunningdale 2 and Obama still supports it. They criticise Irish Republicans who are using military operations against the British military to create a federal republic. Americans used military operations against the British military to create a federal republic known as the United States of America. Prior to his first election Obama had been photographed with a member of Provisional Sinn Féin Rita O’Hara in Washington District of Columbia in late 2007. This displeased Britain as Rita O’Hare was a wanted woman by the British state in connection with an act of resistance in Belfast during 1971. This was not the last thing Obama would do that would anger America’s close ally Britain.

Despite the special relationship and the common imperialist agenda American and British relations have not always been as close as they appear. Cameron and Obama relations were as good as Blair and Bush relations. Obama’s relationship with Gordon Brown was particularly awkward and volatile. Bush had grave doubts about Brown as premier but was glad that they proved detractors wrong in working together despite their differences. Elizabeth SaxeCorburg Gotha found Brown to be charming. Obama did not like the volcanic temperament of Brown at the 2009 G20 summit. Obama said to Brown’s aide “Tell your guy to cool it.” Gordon Brown was an authoritarian and dictatorial bully who bullied everyone, colleague or opponent, from Kirkcaldy to Brussels. Knowing this Obama thought the best way to deal with Brown was to not greet him at the airport with a handshake, as per tradition especially with a close ally, but to make the excuse that he was “too tired” which angered a close ally. Brown thought that Obama was a political lightweight who did not realise the scale of global economic challenges. Obama felt Brown voicing said concern was unnecessary bullying.

Obama is the first Nobel Peace Laureate with a kill list. He is the first Nobel Peace Laureate to launch a successful murderous attack on another Nobel Peace Laureate. The first African American president incarcerated more, and forced labour off, African Americans than slaves on American plantations prior to the civil war. Regardless of the fact he was the first president to visit a federal prison that aforementioned statistic is disgraceful. Obama also made an Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan the president pro tempore of the United States Senate. As incredible as this sounds one can look up Obama and Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia on the internet. Barack Obama and his Democratic Party administration broke the record of Adolf Hitler and NSDAP’s Third Reich by becoming the regime which imprisoned more people than any other in recorded history.

Obama went much further than George Walker Bush with administration secrecy, administration paranoia and on making the definition of terrorism broad and ambiguous as well as blurring the line between innocent and guilty. Being a Tea Party activist, Occupy activist, having more than a week’s supply of food, having physical injuries (this is extremely rich in hypocrisy considering there is no single payer nationalised health but it seems the Obama regime forgot that), buying torches, paying hotels in cash for services, texting in public, supporting Ron Paul, disagreeing with the US government, questioning the US government, owning precious metals as well as owning firearms and ammunition makes a person a terrorist in Obama’s America. Note well Tea Party activists were suspected of terrorism by the Obama administration long before the Cliven Bundy debacle or the Oregon bird sanctuary armed takeover by a patriot militia. This paranoia is reminiscent of the Bush administration during the Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame Wilson whistle blowing controversy.

Both the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership were both negotiated in secret during Obama’s presidency. Two major trading agreements which, like NAFTA, could have negative repercussions for the American judging on the material that has been disclosed in a small amount of leaks. (Huff Post and The Broker Online) It speaks volumes that Obama as a Democratic president let a dictatorial plutocracy negotiate trade deals to ensure corporate supremacy over national executives, national legislatures and national judiciaries.

Obama also had the chance to nationalise America’s finances after the 2008 Wall Street crash cost the American economy over $2,500,000,000,000 in a fortnight. According to the Public Broadcasting Service the crash will cost America over $19,200,000,000,000 note well enough to significantly decrease US national debt. Obama could have taken control of the financial system of America and demanded all of and any regulation he wanted but much to the surprise of leaders of major banks Obama did not seek confrontation with the bankers. The bankers had won and got off Scot free as Obama had went softly on them and let them off the hook. This was undoubtedly a catastrophic mistake. Only one leading American banker went to jail for the crash. As PBS Frontline reported the banking leaders were ready to fold and go along with whatever Obama demanded of them. It should be noted that the American tax payer had already given over $700,000,000,000 in corporate welfare to bailout, a bailout that cost the US economy $29,000,000,000,000, the crashing banks which had ravished the economy prior to Obama allowing the banks to get away with their crimes. The thanks Obama got was that the very bank chiefs he showed leniency to snubbed his Wall Street public address a year later. Not even one bothered to show up. Financial regulation is still an issue as Bernie Sanders policy to restore Glass Steagall regulation in his campaign for the Democratic Party presidential nomination showed.

Health care reform was at the top of Obama’s legislative agenda yet it took fourteen months for him to get the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed. It was the most significant regulatory reorganisation and reform to health care in statute since LBJ introduced Medicare, national insurance for elderly and disabled, and Medicaid, public insurance for low income Americans, in 1965. Medicaid was expanded as was the Children’s’ Health Insurance Program (CHIP) under Obamacare. Dollar limits on cover were abolished, policyholder dropping (exempli gratia in cases of sickness) was abolished, insurers had to provide mandatory cover for preventative care and screenings. Bundle payments to health care providers replaced the fee for service payments from Medicare. The Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program was introduced to financially penalise, via a decreased bundle payment, hospitals that prematurely discharge patients. The Employer Mandate was not implemented until 2014.This was a tax penalty for employers with over fifty employees who did not insure said employees. This obviously hurt small businesses, which are the vertebrae of the American economy, and was undoubtedly a motivational factor in the National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius case in 2012 when the Supreme Court ruled that States could opt out of Medicaid expansion and several have done so. Despite the fact 11,400,000 more Americans now have health insurance it came at several costs. 30,503,000 Americans are still uninsured. 7,900,000 of those could potentially be insured by 2022 however it is not guaranteed. Implementing the contraceptive mandate on religious organisations was ruled to be incompatible with Bill Clinton’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act by the Supreme Court in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby during 2014. While healthcare expenditure went down as a percentage of the federal budget it had increased as a percentage of gross domestic product. The profits and stock prices of insurance companies soared into the stratosphere, the chief executive officers of the five biggest insurance companies made over $10,000,000 each annually and it led to the eight largest insurance companies increasing their Medicare and Medicaid membership by two hundred percent in a decade. Instead of creating a nationalised single payer health system, the kind that are the cheapest dollar for dollar to taxpayers and patients while increasing life expectancy, he mandated private insurance for uninsured Americans therefore consolidating the vigour of the healthcare insurance cartel. This was originally proposed, not by Hillary Clinton nor Mitt Romney although both advocated it later, by none other than the notoriously authoritarian conservative Richard Nixon. That ought to have been a warning sign for the American public. In relation to healthcare reform he wasted his majorities of sixteen Democratic senators and seventy six representatives. In the 2010 midterm elections his senatorial Democratic majority became just four while a majority of seventy six representatives became a minority trailing by forty nine representatives. A 2013 Gallup poll found that Americans simultaneously saw Obamacare as his biggest success and his biggest failure. This can be explained as Americans approved of expanding access to healthcare but they did not approve of the methodology, the amateur fashion of implementation and the fact Obama failed in his stated aim of not changing doctors and health plans of satisfied patients.

Obama says his biggest foreign policy mistake was not preparing for a post Gaddafi Gaddafi. He does not believe using Al Qaeda, D’aesh and Ansar al Sharia as well as British and French NATO  forces to overthrow Gaddafi and the Jamahiriya was a mistake. Muammar Gaddafi had an approval rating of 85% when he was overthrown. Bear in mind Obama’s approval peaked at 68%. There was free energy for all citizens of the Libyan Jamahiriya. All banks were nationalised and usury was illegal. Gaddafi housed everyone in Libya. Newly wedded couples received $50,000 from the Jamahiriya when they married. Healthcare was nationalised and free to access for all. The Libyan Jamahiriya paid for students to study at college and university level at home and abroad. Gaddafi trebled the literacy rate in Libya. Farming and agriculture were nationalised with Libyan people getting land, houses, seeds and livestock to farm from the Jamahiriya. If Libyans bought a car the government paid for half. Petroleum was $0.14 per litre. There was no state debt. Oil revenues were deposited into citizens’ bank accounts as in Norway. Every time a child was born in Libya the mother got $5,000 from the state. Forty loaves of bread cost $0.15 and a quarter of all Libyans were post graduates. Global Research highlighted that Gaddafi also irrigated the desert country with a man made river transporting 2,000,000 cubic metres of water across Libya. Libyans had the highest average wage and highest purchasing power in Africa. It was Africa’s richest country yet the first African American president thought it would be a great idea to destroy it. Wikileaks has revealed that Obama and Secretary Clinton both knew that their strategy of arming al Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia, D’aesh and Wahhabists in Libya would result in black genocide in Libya yet they both vigorously pursued that strategy anyway with callousness. The fact is that Obama militarily intervened in Libya without congressional oversi