It would be ridiculous to suggest there is no anti black racism, that 7,000 black people are not violently killed on America’s streets every year or that between 365,000 and 684,000 black babies are not killed in America every year when facts show otherwise.

In parts of the Occident we face a massive problem which many people deny existence of or simply ignore. There is rampant anti Caucasian racism and it is about time we as society, and those of us with left wing ideologies in particular, must not only address but fight and defeat. If we don’t we are going to see more movements like the alternative right section of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s support. This issue has not arisen overnight but has gained momentum in recent years. Racists like Sukant Chandan would not have had the confidence to advocate Caucasian genocide in Europe in the past. Think about it, with the exception of a few individuals and organisations who else raises public awareness of the Boer Afrikaner genocide in South Africa or the Southern Rhodesian genocide in Zimbabwe? It is certain many reading this will not have encountered the aforementioned subjects prior to this article. It is shocking that those crimes are excused and justified by apologists as collective punishment for the crimes committed under the South African National Party and the Rhodesian Front even though many of the younger victims were not even conceived when those governments were in power. It should be well noted that a certain Bavarian autocrat from Austria justified genocide as collective punishment hence why collective punishment is a crime against humanity under international law.

It is irrational to ignore or deny racism against a certain ethnicity. It would be ridiculous to suggest there is no anti black racism, that 7,000 black people are not violently killed on America’s streets every year or that between 365,000 and 684,000 black babies are not killed in America every year when facts show otherwise. So why would people deny obvious anti Caucasian racism unless they are racist against Caucasians?

Noel Ignatiev a “professor” at Harvard would have been fired if he had said what he said about Caucasians about any other ethnicity. He has spewed “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the White race. By any means necessary.” That is far from the only genocidal incitement he has made. Other instances of his bile include “Treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity”, “The goal of abolishing the White race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed White supremacists.” and “So long as the White race exists, all movements against racism are doomed to fail.”  His assertion about loyalty to humanity is particularly interesting bovine excrement. Does Ignatiev think the world would have been better off without heart transplants, renewable energy, Geiger counters, human genome sequencing, deoxyribose nucleic acid tests, auto-mobiles, fire arms, cutlery, swords, irrigation, anthropology, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, light bulbs, wheels, wheelchairs and numerous other modern inventions? If he does then he should not hold the academic rank of professor. In any case his racist bigotry should disqualify him from the position. However this tolerance of this particular strand of bigotry has emboldened him to articulate more violent incitements “We’ll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”

Ignatiev is not alone in his extremely racist and bigoted backwoods views. Leroy Jefferson stated “We have to exterminate white people off the face of this planet.” in the wake of Hurricane Katrina as collective punishment for the Bush administration’s pathetic handling of the disaster. Ignatiev’s twisted world view was espoused by Black Lives Matter activists in a debate at Harvard when they articulated “Our argument is that white life is wrong.”, “Our argument is that we shouldn’t have to affirm white life. Your argument affirming all life in general is not good. Its especially not good for black people”,  “There is no ethical reason why white people deserve to live”, “For black life white death has to occur”, “Your life isn’t worth affirming”against a Caucasian participant in the debate and adding his suicide would be “a step in the right direction”.

Imagine that being shouted about any other ethnicity or imagine it was said about a particular religious sect. Imagine how you would feel if these vitriolic diatribes were in relation to your ethnic group. Socialists, social democrats, liberals and a number of people on the left in the Occident (The West) are reluctant to address it. This is a gargantuan mistake. The Democratic Party and other left wing organisations have done between little to nothing to combat this form of racism. The Democratic Party leadership, in its infinite wisdom, have actually courted the black supremacists who espouse this hatred. Both Clinton and Sanders courted Black Lives Matter whereas only O Malley said all lives matter. Democrats have the audacity to muse why Caucasian males don’t vote for them in the numbers that they use to.

All this hateful rhetoric has an effect. FBI crime statistics published in 2007 showed a white person was forty times more likely to be assaulted by a black person than a black person being assaulted by a white person in America. According to FBI statistics from 2013 the white on black murder rate was 0.77 per 1,000,000 compared to black on white murder rate of 9.83 per 1,000,000. The latest interracial crime statistics in America are worrying. White on black murder increased by 25%. Black on white murder increased by 12% and all interracial murders increased by 13%. The 500 black on white murders in 2015 were the highest since 504 black on white murders in 2008. What data from 2001 onwards shows is that the amount of black on white murders have consistently been double the amount of white on black murders in America.  The US News graphs below display this data clearly. What should be noted from the first two graphs is that black on white murder is constantly higher than white on black murder. The third graph shows that there is not a massive disparity between the amount of Caucasians and the amount of African Americans who die violent deaths on America’s streets. The fourth graph provides context and perspective with the problem of intra racial murders. Massive violence against Caucasians is the common denominator in all four graphs. This is the outcome of propagandising that violence towards Caucasians is acceptable. Those who argue that the forth is perpetrated by Caucasians are correct but it should be pointed out that there is no US Federal My Brothers’ Keeper initiative to prevent intra racial violence among Caucasians as there is for African Americans despite the former being higher in number.

There are also the ongoing Boer Afrikaner and Southern Rhodesian genocides. They are not discussed never mind given the prominence they ought to be given. Between ten and twenty Afrikaners are murdered every day in South Africa. Over seventy thousand Afrikaners have been murdered since the African National Congress succeeded the National Party. Between ten and fourteen Boer farmers are murdered every week. Over four thousand Boer farmers have been murdered under the ANC. The murders are clearly racially motivated.  They are often tortured, beaten and raped as well as butchered. This is shown clearly in Rian Van der Walt’s War of the Flea documentary. People have been dragged by trucks over bumpy and rocky roads, people have had their fingers beaten off their hands with lead pipes, people have had their heads bashed in with blunt instruments, babies have been beaten with machetes, people have been raped and decapitated yet there are those who would deny targeting an ethnicity for such treatment is neither racist nor genocidal. Another racist double standard is that not a word is said in condemnation of the seven thousand exclusively Bantu towns in South Africa with no Caucasians, no Asians and no Khoisan, who were the original inhabitants, but Caucasian majorities in Balmoral, Orania and Owendale are condemned as is the significant Caucasian minority in Morgenzon and Caucasian majority areas on the Cape, in the Transvaal and the Orange Free State. In Zimbabwe there were 296.000 Southern Rhodesians when Ian Douglas Smith was premier. In 1999 there were 120,000 in Zimbabwe but now there are only 100,000 worldwide with only 28,000 left in Zimbabwe. Over twenty Southern Rhodesian farmers were murdered in violent takeovers in a land reform program by the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front. The beneficiaries happened to be associates of the president. Rape gangs have targeted Caucasians in Zimbabwe on the basis of their race.

To understand why the genocide of European Caucasians from Africa is an outrage which should concern us all then imagine a scenario where all non Caucasian minorities in Europe and Caucasian majority nations in the Occident were suffering genocide and ethnic cleansing. There would be a massive international outcry and correctly so. Why is there not an international fury at what is happening to the Boer and the Southern Rhodesian? The absence of condemnation and action against these crimes gives out the immoral signal that racial discrimination against Caucasians is socially acceptable when it is completely unacceptable.

When certain organisations and individuals state the aim of “ending white privilege”, “ending white supremacy” and “ending white domination” they are not speaking about Caucasians not having privileges on the basis of their race, they’re not talking about Caucasians not being considered supreme on the basis of their race and not about Caucasians dominating other ethnicities. It is a racist dog whistle and code for ending Caucasian existence. People who say they want to end racism don’t mean they want to end racial discrimination but that they want to end the existence of Caucasians. Yet the same bigoted anti Caucasian racists want acceptance and tolerance from Caucasian people as Non Aligned Media explained.

A writer under the name Emily Goldstein had the brazen audacity to write a racist article saying Caucasian genocide is a “good thing”. Imagine if a person saying the genocide of Ashkenazim was a “good thing”? It is certain that individual would be condemned, ostracised, compared with an Austrian autocrat and probably charged with hate speech. Yet the interesting double standard persists. Many on the alternative right question whether or not there has been an Ashkenazim genocide. That is the retaliatory racism provoked by the anti Caucasian racism by Ashkenazim racists like Goldstein and Ignatiev. It is disgusting hypocrisy that supporters of the Zionist state of Medinat Yisrael get angry about Palestinians regaining the status of ethnic majority in their homeland and insist Palestine must always have an Ashkenazim majority yet encourage non Caucasian migration to ethnically cleanse Caucasian majority countries. Another glaring example of hypocrisy is the Ashkenazim activists who were vocal in their opposition to ethnic nationalist states with segregation and separate development for the Boer Afrikaner in South Africa and for the African Brythonic in Southern Rhodesia often do not voice the same opposition to an ethnic nationalist state with segregation and separate development for Ashkenazim in Palestine. In fact America informed the world of Israel’s expectation that it will occupy Palestine permanently with a segregationist separate development state. The racist hypocrisy is emphatic. On the subject of states with segregation and separate development there is not much opposition among prominent Ashkenazim to the occupation of Ireland. Why is Stormont’s segregationist separate development not condemned as the previous examples are? One thing is for certain the victims of said system are mostly European Caucasians as working class Irish and Brythonic people inhabit east and mid Ulster.

Yet Caucasian people are meant to take all of this passively. The same aforementioned racists and bigots have the brass neck to recoil at the fact a large number of Caucasians in America are supporting Donald Trump. They spewed hateful rhetoric and racist bile at Caucasians yet have the temerity to be shocked when angry Caucasians rally behind an authoritarian. What did they expect? This after The Atlantic asked “Will anyone mourn the end of white America? Will anyone try to preserve it?” Well in the large numbers of working class Caucasians among Trump’s support, it should be stated it is not a homogeneous group, The Atlantic got their answer albeit not the one that they wanted. The Washington Post has pointed out increasing racism against Caucasians has boosted Trump’s support. Sixty four percent of Republicans believe there is anti Caucasian racist discrimination and it should be emphasised they’re a hundred percent correct in their belief.

The Socialist left needs to wake up to this. Unemployed Caucasians do not want to hear nor do they need to hear that they are privileged and supreme. Not having a job is not a supreme privilege and it is high time the Socialist left acknowledged it. Telling unemployed working class people that they are supreme and privileged will never unite the workers of the world. This racist practice will inevitably delay the day that Socialism is put into practice. Disaffected working class Caucasians will not turn to the ideology assailing “white privilege” and “white supremacy” as this is not only absurd but offensive to said people given their circumstances.

Other things the Socialist left needs to acknowledge are that people wanting their predominantly Caucasian country to remain predominantly Caucasian is not racist and that people wanting their predominantly Christian nation to remain predominantly Christian is not sectarian. Yet Christian Caucasians are supposed to accept this demographic alteration agenda passively without opposition. If the left really wanted to prevent racial and ethnic conflict they would be doing everything in their power to ensure that the Occident remains Caucasian and Christian. They are not doing everything in their power in fact many on the left are either doing nothing or making the problem even worse. Do they really think demographic change for ethnic cleansing and genocidal purposes will lead to the implementation of the Communist Manifesto? If anything it will lead to dystopic realisation of The Turner Diaries.

It is often overlooked that demographic change is only advocated, promoted and pushed in Europe and the Occident. The racism is clear as the common denominator is that all have European Caucasian ethnic majorities. Stefanie Von Berg of the Green Party openly brags about Germanic people being bred into an ethnic minority in Germany. Does she honestly think being smug and gloating about genocide will help the environmental cause among the people of Germany?  Ironically the right wing Brandenburghers who are now complaining that Germany does not control its borders did nothing to oppose Western regime change by NATO and the EU against a left wing Socialist Communist Germany which did control its borders. The result has been disastrous for the people of the German nation.

Newsweek said making American Caucasians into a minority will save America. Joe Biden has angered many by saying American Caucasians becoming a minority is a “source of our strength”. Another thing the Socialist left needs to do is realise that Black Lives Matter is a racist and violent supremacist organisation. Video evidence has shown Black Lives Matter protesters chasing and assaulting Caucasians on the basis of the latter’s complexions.

Another thing the Socialist left needs to acknowledge is that affirmative action and other similar positive discrimination programs are racist colour bars against Caucasians. Boer Afrikaners have been locked out of the South African job market due to their skin colour. There are 119 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment statutes. These racist laws have not led to economically advanced Bantu working class people. Three million working class Bantu people are employed under the African National Congress government which is half of the six million Bantu working class people that were employed under the National Party. It has led to 1,000,000 working class Boer Afrikaners living in absolute poverty along with over 8,000,000 other working class South Africans.