The people of Europe did not want or need the EU to remove the Libyan Jamahiriya government, the elected Ukrainian government and they certainly do not want or need the elected government of Syria to be removed.

The EU’s foreign policy has been a disaster. This is detrimental to the people of Europe and the rest of the world.  The people of Europe did not want or need the EU to remove the Libyan Jamahiriya government, the elected Ukrainian government and they certainly do not want or need the elected government of Syria to be removed. In fact, the contrary is true. If Wahhabi terrorists can be taken out it provides not only more security and stability for nations on the Levant but more stability and security for the nations of Europe as well given their proximity to west Asia and north Africa. The Syrian military has taken out over 155,263 Wahhabi terrorists. These obvious facts seem to have escaped the commission and councils in Brussels.

In Libya Britain alone spent over? 1,210,023,840 on removing the legitimate government. This exceeded even America’s spending of $1,100,000,000 on Libya. All other EU nations directly involved in the NATO operations spent a combined total of \1,845,796,025. Italy’s expenditure was \700,000,000 and France also weighed in heavily with \450,000,000. There were forty-nine air raids carrying out strikes every day for seven and a half months totalling 10,920 raids and strikes once the operations had finished. In Libya both the EU and Saudi Arabia supported NATO regime change against Muammar Gaddafi’s leadership of the Jamahiriya. This included militarily supporting the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group/ Libyan Islamic Movement/ al Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia and Libyan affiliates of D’aesh. Human Rights Investigations, the Anti-Media, the New American, the American Thinker and Libyan War The Truth all reported the violent ethnic cleansing and genocide of dark complexioned Libyans that ensued during the violent regime change. WikiLeaks showed that Obama and Clinton knew this when they armed the Wahhabi groups. It stands to reason that Barroso, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel and Van Rompuy knew this as they were militarily cooperating with the United States on the operations in Libya. This has led to al Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia and D’aesh being well established as Wahhabi organisations in Libya.

Again we must look at the disaster unfolding in Ukraine. The EU pushed east since the fall of the Berlin wall, which was a tragedy for Germany, and NATO has mirrored this militarily in cohesion with its expression of political organisation which the EU is for all intents and purposes. This culminated in provoking Putin by supporting Maidan protests in Kyiv seeking to overthrow the elected government which was a proximal ally of the Russian Federation. Deceptively the Ukrainian government and Russia were led into negotiations by the EU, US and Ukrainian Europhiles believing the latter had any intention of respecting the agreed outcome. The protesters, who had been violent from the beginning, became increasingly violent and aggressive killing increasing numbers of police in Kyiv. Elected premier Viktor Yanukovych was deposed and forced to flee his country. The far right promptly rose and took over with force. The coup alone killed eight hundred people. Far right nationalists, Fascists, Nazists and violent conservatives all supported the US and EU backed coup in Ukraine. Right Sector, Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People’s Self-Defence, Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, the all Ukrainian Union Fatherland, all Ukrainian Union Freedom and the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (the acronym of which spells the Ukrainian idiom for “punch”) all supported the US and EU coup. All of those parties range from the right to the far right. Fatherland, Right Sector and Azov Battalion affiliates have all openly called for Russian genocide. In addition, the Nazist junta began persecuting and murdering Ashkenazim Jews and attacking synagogues in Ukraine. This had led to a war fought mainly in the east of Ukraine in the predominantly Russian Lugansk and Donetsk provinces. There have been massacres in Odessa, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv. Ten thousand have died, twenty thousand have been wounded and over two million Ukrainians have fled their homes. Did it serve EU interests? The Netherlands voted against the European Union on the matter of Ukraine, Brexit has happened and there is fresh tensions between Moldova, US/EU ally, and Transnistria, Russian ally bordering Ukraine, so it could be argued that it does not. It has not improved the living conditions of Europeans as the EU and states within it still implement austere economic budgets despite appropriating increasing revenue from its citizens. All it has done has created unnecessary and unwanted tension with arguably Europe’s most powerful nation with a strong nuclear arsenal.

The EU has provided over \7,874,000,000 to groups involved in the regime change agenda in Syria. The EU even lifted an arms embargo on Syria to provide the aid which they pretended was “non-lethal”. The aid provided was enough to kill over 314,737 Syrians so the assertion that the aid was not lethal is ludicrous on face value. Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands and Britain all actively and militarily support Kurdistan in this conflict as members of the EU. Operation Inherent Resolve, the West Gulf Council military operation to support Kurdistan, has not prevented Kurdistan’s opponents killing 3,262 Kurdish military personnel. Out of thirty-one major terrorist attacks in EU nations since December 2010 twenty eight have been Wahhabi terrorists engaging in sectarian and racist violence. This is undoubtedly the consequence of supporting Wahhabi groups, which the aforementioned terrorists were members of, in regime change agendas against Libya and Syria.

It is not as if the EU can afford to follow America or Britain’s militaristic and interventionist instincts and tendencies in relation to foreign policy and foreign relations. The EU has an economy worth \15 trillion yet has 37,840,000 unemployed people. Italy, Portugal and Greece have all experienced their economies shrinking over the last decade as members of the European Union. Does anyone believe the conditions above are conducive to providing safety for over six million refugees escaping the needless conflicts described in previous paragraphs? No one should be under the illusion that increased pressure on austerity hit public services is avoidable in the current scenario. It is not. It is an inevitability. To prevent such a dystopic situation, it would be preferable to avoid and prevent military interventions which destroy countries where millions of people live prior to action being taken. Libya has a population of five million, Syria has twenty-two million and in Ukraine there are forty five million people. The EU destroyed three countries with over seventy million people combined in their territories with brutal force against its own self interest especially in relation to its own keen sense of self preservation.

If the EU want German, French, Dutch, Irish, Italian and Greek exits to follow Brexit then all they have to do is continue their irrational neoconservative foreign policy. Evidence of this is Trump’s paleo conservatism defeating the neoconservatism of Hillary Clinton and Trump’s paleo conservatism emerging victorious in Republican primaries against neoconservative rival candidates. Public perceptions and political trends can go from Europe to the rest of the Occident and vice versa. People are voting en masse against the establishment across the western world. This ought to be extremely apparent to the autocrats of Brussels. The destruction of west Asia and north Africa create fertile hotbeds for Wahhabi extremists to recruit militants. This is completely transparent to the public of Europe. The public of Europe would strongly prefer that their tax monies were not used to create hornet nests in the southern and eastern Mediterranean. Another disastrous dovetailing of US foreign policy by the EU is the unquestioning support of the Zionist state of Medinat Yisrael. Global Research has reported the fact that the EU directly funds the military of the Zionist state to the tune of \80,000,000,000 annually. People in Europe do not want to fund Zionist allies of Wahhabi emirates, Wahhabi emirates or militant groups connected to said Wahhabi emirates. The Federalist reported that the security issue of “radical Islamic (sic) terror” id est the militant Wahhabi ideology was a motivating factor not only for Trump voters but Brexit voters as well. How could the latter trust a Brussels elite courting Turkey into the EU when Turkey has territory in Kurdistan proximal to conflicts where zealous far right Wahhabi militants are heavily active? Would that not make Wahhabi militant access to the federation of states much easier?

The Occidental public know these military interventions breed resentment and division between East and West, between the West and Africa, between the West and west Asia, between Christians and Muslims, between Aryans and Arabs, between Germanic and Slavic and between the belligerent parties to the conflicts themselves. The Occidental public are all too aware these scenarios do not bode well for their economic, physical, political, social and cultural security. Hence they oppose such cataclysmic disasters and institutions such as the EU and it’s military wing NATO who epitomise and embody the insane ideology that creates said catastrophes. Neoconservatism and liberal interventionism demonstrate the dictionary definition of insanity. Insanity is repeating the same actions over and over while expecting different results. Desert Storm led to mass casualties, ethnic violence and resentment. Operation Iraqi Liberation led to a greater amount of genocidal acts, more overt ethnic hatred and an even more bitter legacy. EU and NATO nations supported those interventionist coalitions with America yet expected different results. Ba’athist Iraq was diminished after Desert Storm with Wahhabi propagandist emboldened and Iraq’s people were even more severely diminished after “Iraqi Liberation”. In addition the Iraqis also had al Qaeda and ISIS who were more empowered than ever to deal with in the latter. This is not the only time EU and NATO nations have engaged in senseless and detrimental military repetition. When EU and NATO intervened in Yugoslavia the first time was in Croatia. There was mass murder, widespread ethnic cleansing and gross acts of genocide. A few years later the EU, NATO and US bombed Bosnia and Herzegovina heavily. Again many people were violently and gruesomely killed, there was ethnic cleansing all over the republic and genocidal horrors emerged. Half a decade after that shameful debacle EU, NATO and US thought it would be third time lucky with the bludgeoned federation of Yugoslavia in the Albanian province of Kosovo. The Kosovo War was no different from the Croatian War or the Bosnian War. The Maidan coup in Ukraine showed that the EU, NATO and US had not learned from the previous examples of insanity in militarily intervening in Slavic nations and creating terrible racial conflicts and ethnic bloodbaths.

Intervening in Iraq during Desert Storm showed that the EU and NATO had not learned from member nations disastrously intervening in Lebanon, another Arabic country, and that the US had not learned from the intervention under George HW Bush and Reagan’s two interventions in Libya building yet more resentment in Arab nations. “Containment”, id est dropping bombs while economically sanctioning, and overthrowing Ba’athist Iraq in Operation Iraqi Liberation showed that the US, EU and NATO nations still had not learned their lessons regarding violent interference in Arab nations. Overthrowing the Libyan Jamahiriya and attempting to overthrow Ba’athist Syria shows the extremely zealous degree of insanity in their steadfast belief in militaristic neoconservatism.

This insane military has heavy financial and economic costs. France spent FF198,000,000,000/ \30,000,000,000 on it’s military in 1992. France now spends \43.5 billion on the military which would be the equivalent of spending FF287.1 billion. This shows the cost of French intervention in Afghanistan, Central Africa, Cote d’Ivoire, Chad, Iraq, Libya, Mali and Somalia since 2001. Britain still has military bases in Ascension, Bahrain, Belize, Bermuda, Brunei, Canada,Chagos, Cyprus, Falklands/ Malvinas, Germany, Gibraltar, India, Ireland, Kenya, Montserrat, Qatar and Singapore. Britain’s military expenditure has gone from 22.9 billion in 1992, to 44.87 billion today. Germany saw a $5.5 billion increase on military expenditure in the same period from DM52 billion ($34bn) in 1992 to \36.6 billion/ $39.4 billion in the latest German budget. If this reckless increases in wasteful military spending had not been implemented the whole painful austerity program which hurt the people of Europe could easily have been completely avoided. That means the three most powerful military forces in western Europe spends over $146.5 billion every year. This is criminally insane and unsustainable. EU and NATO nations cannot afford to keep spending over \387,000,000 per capita on military. The EU cannot afford to keep having military budgets of $226,730,000,000 for regime change agendas not in the interest of the public in their nations especially when their people are already suffering cuts to public service provision with draconian and callous austerity budgets. Not only is this a grossly unfair injustice but these are not positive and optimistic omens for stability and security in Europe or anywhere else for that matter.