Obama’s supporters hold up the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as a success. They ignore the fact that America has no right to limit or hinder the number of centrifuges […]

Obama’s supporters hold up the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as a success. They ignore the fact that America has no right to limit or hinder the number of centrifuges Iran has, how much research and development Iran undertakes in relation to nuclear power or how much uranium Iran stockpiles. If external nations made America limit it’s centrifuges, it’s nuclear research or it’s uranium stockpiles America would shriek bloody murder in a voluminous outcry. Yet in a blatantly Persophobic double standard hypocrisy Iran is expected to accept these unfair impositions for at least a decade and a half. Despite Obama imposing this on Iran America’s Wahhabist allies in Riyadh and the Gulf Cooperation Council as well as America’s Zionist allies in west Jerusalem were all furious with Obama for not imposing more on the innocent nation of Iran. Note well it was not Iran but America who bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, what the Obama administration term as America “being a Pacific power traditionally”, and it is not Iran but America that has a special relationship with Britain the nation that tested nuclear weapons on the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people of Maralinga in south Australia. Both America and Britain were involved in JCPA in international manoeuvring and actions epitomising hypocrisy considering the aforementioned nations roles in Operation Ajax.

What has pleased the Zionists a great deal more is that they have been able to murder over 4,154 Palestinians during his presidency with impunity. In the sane time period America gave the Zionist state over $40,000,000,000/ £30,118,667,550/ €35,718,750,558 in aid. This works out at $5,000,000,000/ £3,765,060,241/ €4,464,843,820 a year, $416,666,667/ £313,755,020/ €372,070,319 a month, $104,166,666/ £78,423,401/ €93,017,579 a week and $14,880,952/ £11,203,341/ €13,287,454 a day. This is the extent of Obama’s support for the Zionist state which has broken all previous records for the American presidents since Harry Truman. Note well that the Zionist state did not exist in the presidencies prior to Harry Truman’s presidency. This makes Obama the most Zionist president of America in history. Jim Traficant says the prior figures are foreign aid alone but when every transfer of American taxpayer dollars to the Zionist state are taken into account it is $15,000,000,000 a year and $120,000,000,000 over the Obama presidency. Note well the Zionist state’s supreme court found that Jim Traficant was correct as he had accounted for every dollar and cent with United States State Department documents as hard evidence. This was prior to the announcement that America would increase military aid to the Zionist state by $38,000,000,000. Benjamin Mileikowsky had demanded an extra $45,000,000,000.

Obama who promised to end American military involvement in wars and aggression has been zealously imperialist and this is exemplified by  the fact his administration has spent over $100,000,000,000 per year on 900 military bases around the world while creating another drone base in Niger. Kyle Kulinski explained that profligacy results in cities in America without access to clean water and an inability to improve on grade D infrastructure. William D Hartung pointed in The Nation that the Obama administration has brokered more arms deals than other US administration since World War 2.

Then there was his disgraceful behaviour during the Planned Parenthood scandal. When the story broke on 14th July 2015 Obama’s first action was to tweet “We recognize that every child deserves opportunity. Not just some. Not just our own.” Considering over 8 million babies have been aborted during his presidency and that is the raison d’etre of Planned Parenthood it was grossly insensitive and offensive. Children in Planned Parenthood do not even get the opportunity to live their life. On 8th January 2016 he vetoed a bill that would have ceased government funding for Planned Parenthood. Obama’s administration has given Planned Parenthood over $4,000,000,000 of American taxpayers’ money and has used over $18,000,000,000 for what is euphemistically termed “family planning” despite the prohibition in US law from taxpayers’ money going towards abortion in the Hyde amendment. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthoood, donated $133,763 to Barack Obama and to put this into perspective Hillary Clinton received $46,282 from Richards in the same time. Planned Parenthood spent $12,000,000 in the 2012 presidential campaign to ensure Obama got reelected. The Obama administration has given $91,000,000 towards promoting abortion outside America. This includes $18,000,000 for a pro abortion NGO in Kenya and such an action was illegal until Obama repealed the law preventing aid to abortion promoters. In addition he has given over $50,00,000 to the United Nations Family Planning Agency. The UNFPA are the organisation who forcibly sterilised people, as NSDAP did in Germany, and forced mothers to get unwanted abortions like ISIS do in Syria and Iraq. Federal Congressional Representative for New Jersey Chris Smith suggested Obama gave as much as $227,000,000 of US tax dollars to UNFPA. Note well that this happened despite the prohibition on foreign assistance to abortionists under the Helms amendment.

There was the arrogance he displayed at the G8 summit in Fermanagh, when the Russian Federation was still aligned with the G7. Obama came into Belfast, already a heavily militarised city, in a Black Hawk with accompanying Black Hawks. Much to his annoyance was the fact that West Belfast community group Gael Force Art held a protest on Sliabh Dubh with the words G8/NWO  WAR CRIMINALS written in sheets on the mountain fields. The fact a group of local working class people had held a small protest that the world would see did not please Obama at all and he let it be known through a statement when his press secretary complained of the “protest on Belfast mountain” ignoring the fact Sliabh Dubh translates as Black Mountain and not Belfast Mountain. You would hope a constitutional lawyer could handle basic geography but Obama seemed to think geography was irrelevant to geopolitics. This was a precursor to Brexit in the sense that it showed Obama’s redundancy in the face of working class protest.

Muammar Gaddafi was not the only head of state Obama’s administration has violently removed and Bashar al Assad is not the only head of state that Obama’s administration has tried to remove through violent proxies. Viktor Yanukovych was removed by Nazists in Ukraine which was not only the EU but Obama’s administration also. John McCain, Obama’s opponent in 2008 who supports the same Neoconservative agenda, was pictured with the Nazists in Maidan, a square in the Ukrainian capital city Kyiv. John McCain was also pictured with ISIS leaders in Syria as part of the proxy war against Syria. Far right nationalists, Fascists, Nazists and violent conservatives all supported the US and EU backed coup in Ukraine. Right Sector, Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People’s Self-Defence, Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, the all Ukrainian Union Fatherland, all Ukrainian Union Freedom and the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (the acronym of which spells the Ukrainian idiom for “punch”) all supported the US and EU coup. All of those parties range from the right to the far right. Fatherland, Right Sector and Azov Battalion affiliates have all openly called for Russian genocide. For his extremist Zionism Obama saw little wrong with the Nazist junta persecuting and murdering Ashkenazim Jews and attacking synagogues  in Ukraine. Neither for that matter did anyone associated with the illegitimate entity of Medinat Yisrael also known as the Zionist state of Israel. The Anti Semitic hypocrisy should be clear and evident to all. Also Obama insists Putin’s Russian Federation is the aggressor against the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation but this is fantastic bovine excrement. It ought to be pointed out that it was the NATO backed Nazist junta who shelled innocent civilians in west Russia and that the Russian Federation did not even retaliate to that genocidal act of terrorism. There are 27 NATO military bases around Russia. 8 of these are around Iran also with 11 in regional proximity to Iran. 10 of these are also around and in regional proximity to China but all are strategically placed to encircle Russia from the west. The locations of these bases are no accident. This will increase to 28 around Russia and 9 around Iran and 12 in regional proximity to Iran when the construction of Britain’s base in Bahrain is completed.

NATO’s paranoia in relation to the Russian Federation must be scrutinised heavily and it must also be put firmly into proper context and perspective. The Warsaw Pact never implemented regime change in the United States of America however NATO did implement regime change against the Soviet Union.

Obama’s administration has also been funding the Venezuelan opposition and sanctioning the Bolivarian Socialist nation in a concerted campaign to remove the elected leader Nicholas Maduro who has stated that a Venezuelan coup would be met with a tougher crackdown than Turkey’s crackdown on the Gulenists. Maduro has also refused to recognise the illegitimate Michel Temer government in Brazil on the principle it is a dictatorship that emerged from an American backed coup. While Dilma Rousseff has seen her approval ratings decrease they are still higher than Temer’s ratings and it should be pointed out previous Brazilian presidents have not been impeached for manipulating government accounts which begs the question what made Rousseff different? Was it that Rousseff was a social democrat who objected to the American National Security Agency spying on herself as well as her government? Was it the fact that she objected to Obama and Clinton bringing the horror of a genocidal dictatorship in Honduras? It could also have something to do with that Rousseff opposed Obama’s monetarist policies. America accuse Workers Party Brazil of being too close and friendly with Maduro’s Venezuela and having previously been similarly allied to Chavez as diplomatically disingenuous of Brazil. Obama and Clinton had previously objected to their alliance with Cuba before their own relations with Castro’s Cuba improved.

On the issue of the Turkey coup there are claims the Central Intelligence Agency of America supported the coup and that Fethullah Gulen is a CIA agent. Yet Obama’s administration insists that Erdogan’s Turkey is an ally and his administration even sided with Turkey as Obama threw his allies in Kurdistan under the bus and abandoned them. Medinat Yisrael, the Zionist state of Israel, said they would like to see a different regime in Ankara publicly while they were renewing diplomatic ties with Turkey.  This shows the two faced brazen hypocrisy of Obama and his Zionist allies.

Obama tried to blame his failure on environmental issues on Republican partisanship. This is partially true but this shows his disgusting hypocrisy. On the issue of climate change the Democratic Party has science and the moral high ground on this subject but the Republican Party has Big Oil’s energy lobby acting as the Behemoth as a driving force in opposing environmentally friendly legislation. On abortion the Republican Party has science and the moral high ground on the debate but the Democratic Party has the anti life movement, as they are described by Professor Raymond Dennehy, and abortion industry behind to block child protection legislation. So since Obama used Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Emily’s List and Marie Stopes to prevent Republican bills for child protection he cannot complain when Republicans use Koch industries, Exxon and Chevron to block environmentally friendly legislation. This makes no sense as he is alienating pro life Democrats who constitute a third of Democrats in America. Pro life Democrats agree with the Democratic Party on 99% of other issues. This abortion extremism from Obama has had detrimental consequences for America. Forty percent of Republicans now believe it is acceptable for a pregnant woman to pay an individual to kill their baby as do a callous fifty percent of the American people. This shows Obama’s immorality has adversely affected the moral compass of the American people as this is the highest percentage of people supporting abortion since George W Bush’s second term. Obama’s abortion zealotry has harmed the Democratic Party. Under Obama’s leadership Democrats have lost thirty state chambers,  eleven state Governorships,  thirteen federal senators, sixty nine federal representatives and nine hundred and twelve state legislature seats across America with the lowest number of Democratic representatives since the Hoover administration. This is the worst performance for the party since the New Deal.

George Walker Bush was correctly condemned for being a warmongering dictator as was Tony Blair but Obama is just as extreme if not more so. Bush attacked five countries. Blair attacked and occupied five nations. Obama went further than both with eight. Bush attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen. Blair attacked and occupied Ireland, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Kosovo and Afghanistan. Obama attacked Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia,Yemen and Laos. This has undoubtedly pleased Neoconservatives and liberal interventionists. A damning indictment is that the Obama administration was more unpopular in Arab nations than the younger Bush’s administration according to polls taken in 2011 and 2014.

In Afghanistan Obama will leave 8,400 American soldiers there when his presidency ends. This is the same amount George Walker Bush had in militarily assisting the Afghan Northern Alliance against the Taliban to create a post Islamic Emirate Afghanistan on 11th September 2002.  That means American military presence is as heavy as the first year of the war to remove the Islamic Emirate. How has this worked out? The Taliban and al Qaeda are killing at the same rate in Afghanistan that Boko Haram are doing in Zamfara, Biafra and eastern Benin. If that was not enough turmoil a faction of ISIS has emerged from a post Mohammed Omar split in the Taliban. This is the Khorasan province unit. They are allied with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan a Wahhabi movement previously allied with al Qaeda. The Afghan faction of ISIS want to take over Afghanistan for a return of the Islamic Emirate like the Taliban and al Qaeda. They also want to work with the IMU while using Afghanistan as a base, once established, to attack Iran. They currently have small pockets of territory in Konar, Nangarhar, Ghazni and Zabol.  More worrying is that the Taliban and al Qaeda have territory in Herát and Faráh with proximal back up in Ghowr. They also control territory in Helmand and Kandahar just above Balochistan. Despite the fact that government controls most of Afghanistan, including large parts of Pashtunistan in its jurisdiction, there have been over thirty thousand deaths in the last two years alone. Under Bush thirty thousand people lost their lives in Afghanistan whereas under Obama it is over fifty thousand people.

Obama’s foreign policy operates in a wished for world and fantasy land which explains Clinton’s and Kerry’s records in the State Department. Associated Press journalist Matt Lee exposed this when asking a question on whether the US would accept the reality of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s nuclear ballistic defence and Crimea becoming a Russian republic. John Kirby said they would not. Transnistria has been an independent Soviet republic since 1992 when it kept its independence after a war with Moldova. Due to America’s alliance with Moldova it does not recognise the reality of Russian ally Transnistria. This is dangerous considering America’s spearheading of NATO’s military challenge to Russia by installing the Nazist junta in Kyiv as Transnistria is directly to the west of Ukraine.

Another sickening aspect of Obama’s foreign policy is that he cravenly ingratiates to Saudi Arabia. He supported and enforced the Saudi position on Libya, Syria and Yemen. Obama, Britain, France, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, Turkey, Sudan and Senegal all actively support the Saudi led Wahhabist coalition which includes ISIS, al Qaeda and Anssar al Sharia. This is the exact same strategy and modus operandi used in Libya and Syria. This has led to ten thousand people being killed with over four thousand of them being civilians. This genocidal campaign and wanton destruction has devastated what was already the poorest Arab country.

Obama vetoed a bill allowing 9/11 victims families to sue the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their role in funding al Qaeda. Fortunately for the victims families congress overturned Obama’s veto.

In conclusion Obama has failed on foreign policy and diplomatic relations, the economy, economic  policy and reform, healthcare, race relations, restricting donor influence (without even mentioning Citizens United), banking and financial reform, trade deals, diminishing corporate power in general, defending human rights, defending the American constitution, national security, defending civil liberties on social welfare and entitlements (he proposed a budget which would have cut Social Security, a political position to the right of Donald Trump), on sustenance, on corporate welfare reform, on environmental protection despite his veto of Keystone XL, defending 9/11 victims, general reform (remember Hope and Change?), wealth distribution, fiscal policy, fiscal reform, monetarist policy and reform, progressive tax burden,  infrastructure, transparency and secrecy and the list of failures goes on and on. He did face racism and unfair conspiracy theories rumour milled against him but the fact must be faced that he was a bad president. He was obnoxious, arrogant and smug. His skin colour is not the reason most people don’t like him. It is his ideology of defending the elite at everyone else’s cost while being totally patronising and condescending simultaneously in the act of doing. His unforgivable failing was that he was yet another extremist Neoconservative corporate lap dog who was no better than his predecessors having promised to be so much more and so much better.