Sixteen percent of Trump supporters in South Carolina were willing to tell pollsters that they are white supremacists which is further evidence of retaliatory racism in response to anti Caucasian racism.

 People who are not European Caucasians are given preference in terms of employment over people European Caucasians in statute. It has not worked in America either. Thomas Sowell, Deryck Green and many others have pointed out that this does not help working class African Americans. It does help middle class people who are not European Caucasians. In practice that means a middle-class candidate who is not a European Caucasian has a law for their preferential treatment relative to a working class European Caucasian candidate.  This results in not only the racist preference of non-white people over white people but the classist preference of wealthy over poor. If affirmative action was about helping the poor working class people of all races would be given preferential treatment over middle class and upper class people of all races. This could be done by comparing family household incomes of all candidates and giving the post to the lowest household income. Affirmative action also means lower test scores get non-European Caucasians into universities which has led to significant under representation of European Caucasians at Ivy League level. Also racial discrimination can propel individuals to the US Supreme Court as the Sonia Sotomayor case showed. This is the antithesis of meritocracy. This disproves that Caucasians get privilege on the basis of their race and those who assail institutionalised racism don’t fight affirmative action even though it is the definition of institutionalised racism. It is racism practised by government institutions, it is systemic racism as the system practices racism against Caucasians and it is structural racism as government and state structures enforce this racist policy.

This deluge of anti-Caucasian rhetoric, discrimination and violence will have societal repercussions. It has already emboldened the Alternative Right to a point that was unimaginable a mere two years ago. Alternative fur Deutschland are leading polls in Germany as Front National are in France. Add to this volatile mixture the explosive element of Wahhabi terrorism. On the evidence of what we have all witnessed since the Western and Gulf sponsored proxy intervention in Syria coupled with  anti-Caucasian racism amounts to a gift for Conservative and far right ethnic nationalist movements across Europe and the Occident. A lot of those attracted by the Alternative Right are friendly conservative minded Caucasian people who are proud of their European heritage however it must also be stated that there are darker and more authoritarian elements who are aggressively inegalitarian as a matter of principle. It has not gone unnoticed that branches of the Ku Klux Klan, Virginia being one example, have advocated campaigning to get Trump elected. Sixteen percent of Trump supporters in South Carolina were willing to tell pollsters that they are white supremacists which is further evidence of retaliatory racism in response to anti Caucasian racism. The hard core of the far right actively celebrate the German Workers Party and the centralised empire it built militarily despite the fact history shows it presided over the destruction of Germany, Russia and the Sudetenland. This in turn led to the Swabian genocide so the Third Reich was not good for Germanic people.

The above is why Socialists need to address and combat the anti-Caucasian phenomenon as there will be many Caucasians who will have little option but to rally behind such elements to preserve their posterity, culture, heritage and identity. Unless Socialists can provide a left wing alternative to advance the interests of working class Caucasians they are effectively abandoning them to the right when many working class Caucasians are left wing in their nature. Does any left wing Socialist think abandoning the Caucasian working class to the right will result in value being utilised for national infrastructure?

To further understand why demographic change in the Occident and only the Occident is so immoral historical precedents must be considered, what effect did en masse illegal Ashkenazim immigration to Palestine have? Palestinians were ethnically cleansed into a minority in their own country and seven decades later they are projected to become the majority in their own country again in a few decades. How did things go for indigenous Australians when White Australia had a policy of breeding out the black? They are less than three percent of the population of their own country. Where the aforementioned examples not racist? Wouldn’t it be equally racist if those scenarios were played out in the Occident?

It would be wrong to see this implemented on the Orient or on Africa. It is equally racist and immoral to impose this on Europe and the Occident. You did not hear or read about representatives and public figures imploring the Gulf Cooperation Council nations and Medinat Yisrael to accept Syrian refugees despite the moral obligation to do so when said states funded and armed the terrorists in Syria that caused the refugees to flee. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen as it clearly won’t happen as it would upset the Wahhabist donors, Zionist donors and the corporate media.

Another thing the Socialist left has to be honest about and acknowledge the part the malevolent pro choice and anti-life movement plays in the demographic change agenda. It is no accident that this movement has spread throughout the Occident with many majority Caucasian nations legalising the barbaric and immoral practice of aborting babies. On demand alone. It does not require an advanced level of intelligence to predict that will hinder efforts to boost a declining Caucasian birth rate in Europe and across the Occident. This can be seen on map of western Europe below.

Is this a genuine left wing political position to take? Let’s look at the hard left and the far left. A party that fits the description of hard left and far left is the Russian Communist Party. They have Communist and Socialist credentials for presiding over a Socialist state for seven decades. What position do the Bolsheviks take on the controversial issue of abortion? The Russian Communist Party is staunchly pro-life, in their own words, “to prevent the extinction of the Russian people”. The most left wing Communist and Socialist political party is pro-life and opposes genocide of Caucasians. That speaks volumes when compared to anti Caucasian racists who claim to be left wing Socialists in the Occident. That comparison in itself is a damning indictment of the Socialist left in the Occident. As Ernesto Che Guevara Lynch said “It is easier to kill a gorilla in the womb than in the hills”. Hence it is easier to kill defenceless Caucasian children than it is to kill Caucasian adults who are intelligent and strong enough to fight back and defend themselves

There are things the Socialist left could do to boost Caucasian birth rates and increase Caucasian demographic percentages. They could fight for and ensure fully paid maternity leave and paternity leave and social welfare for families with children. This will encourage nuclear family units and is a left wing policy promoting procreation. The Socialist left could acknowledge that the nuclear family unit is often a person’s first commune and that the first Socialists a person encounters are their parents. The Guardian has pointed out that Europe’s declining demographics will result in an economic disaster, not that morally just cause of Caucasian survival should ever be a question of economics.

In America university students are taught courses titled US Race Theory and the Problem of Whiteness. This disgusting racism should be called out for the Fascist vitriol that it is. While it has been well documented that Trump supporters have committed hate crimes against Hispanics, African Americans and Muslims in America what has not been given the same prominence is the racist hate crimes committed against Trump supporters. Many of the violent Trump supporters were Caucasian and many of those who were violent towards Trump supporters were not and further  evidence is that a Bernie Sanders supporter was a victim of anti-Trump violence. He was a Caucasian.

Diversity is often another racist dog whistle meaning less Caucasians and meaning more people of non-Caucasian ethnicities. The incorrect and inaccurate logic is that less Caucasians means more diversity and more Caucasians means less diversity. This bovine excrement and balderdash must be exposed as the execrable racism that it so blatantly is and this is yet another thing the Socialist left needs to realise. Broadly speaking as a race Caucasians are the most diverse race. The people can have brown hair, ginger hair and blond hair and they can have brown eyes, hazel eyes, green eyes and blue eyes. With Australasians, east Asians and Africans it is black hair and brown eyes. Not much diversity. Yet diversity the racist dog whistle codeword used for genocidal racism against the most diverse people. The fact that most European ethnic groups can be classed as Nordic, Alpine, Adriatic, Baltic and Mediterranean demonstrates diversity among Aryan people in Europe. The ethnic map of Europe should finally and fatally discredit the idea that more European Caucasian Aryans means less diversity. Every name represents a distinct group of people. Below that is the genetic map of Europe which is further evidence of the diversity of European Caucasians.

Then there is the controversial issue of Caucasian free zones and spaces without Caucasians be it Bahar Mustafa’s racist conference in London, Black Lives Matter at the University of Missouri black healing space, or the no Caucasian residential areas in African American areas in America or disproportionately Wahhabist areas of Europe. In these areas Caucasians are often assaulted and violently forced to leave. The Socialist left, and everyone else for that matter, has to acknowledge not only the existence of such areas but the immorality and racism of them as well. Bahar Mustafa is a racist backwoods bigot. She has no appreciation that England is the homeland of the Anglian people of Angeln, she has no appreciation that Prydain the historical homeland of the Brythonic and she does not appreciate that London is so called as it is the Fort of Lud. She also tweeted the genocidal incitement #KillAllWhiteMen. Her occupation? Diversity officer. Yet she wants the most diverse people gone.

The rationale for the racist collective punishment of European Caucasians is that European nations had colonial military and political empires by violently annexing this is racist as Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Finland are all nations which did not have colonial empires with territories outside Europe. This racist rationale also conveniently ignores that East Asian nations such China, Japan and Mongolia had vast military empires. In Africa the Bantu empire violently annexed territories through the means of genocide of the indigenous populations. There were the empires of the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas and Olmecs who all used violence in order to secure increasing territory on the American continents. Yet the racist collective punishment of Caucasians through demographic change is advocated whereas it is not promoted against East Asians, Africans or Americans. The Socialist left must recognise the immorality of this and do everything in its power to oppose and prevent this racist collective punishment. If it does not then any hope of Socialism being implemented in the Occident or elsewhere is extremely unlikely.

Does anyone on the Socialist left really believe that the aforementioned racism will result in a genuine Socialist government coming to power? Under the Parti Socialiste, and it is clear there is nothing Socialist about Brussels puppet Hollande government which implemented austerity with viciousness, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo thought it would be acceptable having a mural with the words “La France aux Francais”, France for the French, crossed out and the words “Les Françaises aux Africains”, the French (feminine) for the Africans, displayed without being obscured. A French lady on the Alternative Right wrote “Francais” over the word “Africains”. This shows that Hidalgo’s racism defied logic and will significantly increase Front National’s chances of governing France. Actions such as the one described will not only ensure Parti Socialiste will not return to power, which would not a be a bad thing at all, but it will also smear the ideology of genuine Socialists. This means the name of Socialism will be tarnished in France, and many other nations in the West, as many working class Caucasians will not support representatives who are openly racist towards them. To summarise if everyone, the Socialist left in particular, does not stop and reverse demographic change against Caucasians then the Alternative Right and the far right will rise and control Europe and the Occident for several decades. The means of productions won’t be controlled, owned and utilised by the working class. Value will not be distributed equitably and it will not be invested in local and national infrastructures. Appropriation of value for endeavour will not provide living incomes and increasing living standards unless the Socialist left can stand up to the corporate plutocratic forces behind demographic change and successfully defuse the racist time bomb. If that doesn’t happen then race riots, race wars and a significant increase in intense racist violence will not only hurt and kill Caucasians but people of other ethnicities as well. This is a situation we’d all like to avoid and it is a scenario that we all have a stake in preventing.