According to the Global Policy Forum the United States of America carried out 189 military interventions between 1798 and 2005.

According to the Global Policy Forum the United States of America carried out 189 military interventions between 1798 and 2005. Including the seven military interventions under Barack Obama this amounts to a hundred and ninety-six military interventions by a nation state that is merely twenty-four decades old. Counter Currents reported that the United States of America has invaded seventy countries since it declared its independence on 4th July 1776. Both Counter Currents and Global Research have stated that American military interventions have directly caused the deaths of between twenty million and thirty million people since the second world war. The Middle East Eye drew attention to the four million casualties of the Islamic faith since Desert Storm. The disastrous aggressive foreign policy doesn’t just harm and hurt people from nations outside America. The Public Broadcasting System showed that 674,798 of the total 1.1 million American soldiers killed have lost their lives in conflicts, due to thoughtless interventions, since the first world war. In many cases, neoconservative military interventions cause deteriorations in scenarios that were already ripe for catastrophic ethnic violence. This is easily provable and can be demonstrated with analysis of interventions by individual case study.

Desert Storm killed 38,664 Iraqis and three hundred Americans in a month. “Containment” of Iraq by America id est economic sanctions and intensive bombing murdered over 2 million people in Iraq. Operation Iraqi Liberation led to the deaths of over 1.7 million Iraqis, killed five thousand Americans and wounded thirty-three thousand. Between 2003 and 2005 seven hundred thousand Assyrians and Iraqi Christians were forced to flee to Syria due to the Neocon military assault lighting an ethnoreligious tinder box. A hundred thousand Arab refugees were forced out of southern Kurdistan. Other victims of Kurdification were Assyrian Christians and Turkmen. Sunni Arabs forced seventy thousand Kurds out of west Mosul. Sunnis fled Basra. Shiites were forced from Samarra and Baquva. American military interventions in Iraq created an environment were al Qaeda’s Iraqi branch and its successor D’aesh could thrive and succeed. The Pentagon’s Neocon policy of deBa’athification and purging the state and government of Sunnis provided an ample amount of recruits who were armed for the Wahhabi terrorists. Powell’s citing of al Zarqawi’s gang in the former’s speech at the UN gave the predecessors of ISIS credibility in the eyes of Usama Bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri. Retaliatory violence from Moqtada al Sadr and Jaish al Mahdi made Sunni Shiite relations worse. To provide context the ethnic map of Iraq is displayed below. This map is from the American government of all sources. Yet the governments of America, Britain, Australia and Poland looked at that, knowing the potential for racial and sectarian violence as well as Wahhabi terror, and in their absolute ideological arrogance thought they could introduce massive scale military violence to the situation without problems and detrimental consequences to make money off a Saudi oil cartel and recreating Pinochet’s Chile by privatising and liberalising Iraq’s economy with no protectionism whatsoever.

It is not only in west Asia that America strengthens the position of Wahhabi and Zionist terrorists. America’s participation in the Yugoslav wars is nothing short of shameful. In Operation Deliberate Force, subtle name(!),  America dropped 1,026, 708 of them laser guided, bombs on 338 targets in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was all done within a fortnight and killed fifty-four Yugoslavs. Operation Deliberate Force was the first time the Luftwaffe had seen action since its action in the second world war for the Third Reich. This military operation emboldened the Saudi High Commission for Relief of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was Salman’s “charity” for funnelling money to al Qaeda in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This led to the Mostar car bombing of Croatian Christians. Fortunately, there were no deaths but twenty-nine serious injuries. It also allowed EU expansion into Yugoslavia and NATO encroachment towards Russia in recent decades.  In Deliberate Force America was militarily supported by Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Of course, this was all too late for the 2,500+ Bosnians killed in the second Sebrinica massacre and far too late for the 2,383 Serbs that died during the first Sebrinica massacre, not that America cared as Serbs were loyal to Yugoslavia which America considered its enemy, so humanitarianism as a pretentious pretext is clearly disingenuous as it is in every regime change case. Over sixty-two thousand Bosnians, over twenty five thousand Serbs and eight thousand Croats lost their lives during the Bosnian War. Two million and seven hundred thousand Yugoslavs were ethnically cleansed in Bosnia. It is clear Bosnians forced Serbs out of Bonsanski Petrovoc, Kljuc, Modrica, Ilijas, Kresevo Breza, Visoko, Lopare, Teocak, Ugljevik, Gorazde, Pale Praca, Trnovo and Konjic. Croats ethnically cleansed Serbs from Bihac, Drvar, Bosanko Grahavo, Glamoc, Kupres, Jajce, Prozor and Mostar. The Serbs forced Bosnians and Croats out of an area from Novi Grad, Ribnik and Banja Luka in the west to Brcko in the east which constituted the Srpska Yugolav republic. The Serbs also ethnically cleansed Bosnians from Zvarnik to Foca in the east. Croats forced Bosnians out of Jajce, Novi Travnik, Vitez, Busovaca, Kiseljak and Kresevo. Bosnians cleansed Croats from a centralised territory from Gradacac, Gracinica, Srebinik, Celic, Teocak, Tuzla and east Doboj in the north to Prozor, Jablanica and Konjic in the south. This shows that American military involvement in Bosnia and Herzegovina made an ethnically tense heterogeneity more dangerous like it did in Lebanon (under Ronald Reagan), Iraq, Libya and Syria.  The context for Bosnia and Herzegovina is set below comparing 1991 ethnic map with 1998. The key for the maps is Serbians are red, Croatians are blue and Bosnians are green.

America was not finished with Yugoslavia, with the context for this paragraph and the last set with the map above, under Bill Clinton. Noble Anvil and Allied Force was barbaric and brutal unjustified attack on Yugoslavia that was illegal under international law. The atrocious deaths of 10,161 Kosovans, 5,259 Serbs, 27 Roma people, 10 Ashkhali people, 9 Montenegrins, 4 Bosnians, 4 Egyptians, 3 Chinese journalists and seven other Yugoslavia people in the Kosovo War did not justify the American military coalition with Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and Spain laying siege to Yugoslavia in a fifteen month onslaught of aerial bombing. The rationale was that it would help the Kosovans yet the bombing killed three hundred innocent civilians in Kosovo. The bombing also killed 6,652 Serbians. As with Bosnia and Herzegovina American military intervention exacerbated ethnic violence. Additional perspective is further evidence by the 1991 Kosovo ethnic map alongside the 2005 Kosovo ethnic map. In both maps Serbians are red and Albanians are green.
America has a poor record militarily intervening in Afghanistan since Jimmy Carter’s disastrous Operation Cyclone in 1979, prior to Soviet intervention on behalf of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, which led directly to the creation of al Qaeda and the Taliban. This was not only to counter Soviet influence from the north but to diminish Iranian influence from the west. Both of the aforementioned objectives were aims of Carter and Reagan. Carter did not want Ayatollah Khomeini gaining further popularity and power in the wake of having overthrown Shah Mohammed Khan of the Pahlavi dynasty. Supporting the Taliban and al Qaeda against the Soviet Union had consequences. Over two million Afghans died in a decade long war. This led to a three-year civil war which killed over twenty-five thousand Afghans. Over six thousand more Afghans died in the four-year civil war that followed which led to the Taliban takeover and establishing its Wahhabi emirate. There was half a decade of ethnic violence against Hazara, Ismaili, Kyrgyz, Tajiks, Turkmen and Uzbeks under the Taliban emirate. American militarily intervening once again in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom led to the deaths of fifty thousand Afghans and two and a half thousand Americans while wounding twenty thousand in a thirteen-year long war lasting longer than Johnson, Nixon and Ford’s catastrophes in Vietnam which killed 1.8 million Vietnamese and sixty thousand Americans. Another fifteen thousand Afghans have been killed in another war in the last two years alone and another American military intervention by Obama has cost thirty Americans their lives. Neither D’aesh nor al Qaeda and the Taliban have been deterred even after losing over sixteen thousand combatants. In fact, they are engaged in not only anti Afghan government insurgency but internecine fratricide as there have been splits among Wahhabi terrorists since Mullah Mohammed Omar was killed. To provide a panoramic picture of the evidence we should look at the ethnic map of Afghanistan. The key is light blue for Pashtun, red for Baloch, yellow for Tajiks, green for Turkmen, brown for Uzbeks, pink for Hazara, purple for Nuristanis, turquoise for Ismaili and orange for Kyrgyz people. To understand the current conflict this must be viewed alongside the territorial map in the current phase of the military conflict. The key is pink for Afghan government, white for al Qaeda and the Tablian and dark grey for D’aesh.