Saudi Arabia have no one but themselves to blame for negative perceptions as ninety two percent of Saudis admit they supported D’aesh in a poll.

There is an ally of Great Britain, the United States of America, the Zionist state of Medinat Yisrael and the European Union that practices public capital punishment, violent militaristic totalitarianism, decapitation, crucifixion, stoning, whipping, punishment amputations, public corporal punishment and genocidal sectarianism. This is an illegitimate and authoritarian regime which has been caught red handed, on several occasions, funding and arming al Qaeda and D’aesh. Even the most barbaric hard line extremists of the aforementioned groups seem mild compared to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it decapitates a person every two days. That is three decapitations a week. Under Salman eight new executioners had to be hired to enforce the recently ascended monarch’s more conservative hard line in relation to capital punishment. That speaks gargantuan volumes as Abdullah was anything but moderate especially in relation to capital punishment.

The people in charge of the United Nations, formerly known as the League of Nations, wonder why disdain towards their organisation is massive and widespread. Having a despotic and backwards dictatorship like Saudi Arabia heading the Human Rights Committee will result in many more people lacking respect for the UN and said people will correctly view the UN negatively which is what the corporate plutocrats of the UN deserve.

Regardless of which Wahhabi autocrat has the crown their emirate is reviled around the world. The disgust felt towards Saudi Arabia under Salman is no different from how people felt about the monarchy under Abdullah, Fahd and Khalid. While the leaders of other nations and states execrably ingratiate to the vile autocrats for plutocratic interests in the OPEC oil cartel the majority of people in said nations and states have nothing but enmity and hostility towards the House of Saud’s despots. Even in Britain, an ally of Saudi Arabia and other Wahhabi emirates, thirty nine percent of people view Saudi Arabia as an enemy and eighty percent view Saudi Arabia’s record on human rights negatively. Saudi Arabia have no one but themselves to blame for negative perceptions as ninety two percent of Saudis admit they supported D’aesh in a poll.

How was D’aesh created? It had always been a goal of al Qaeda since its inception in 1979 and it has articulated since 1982 that it would like to create a Wahhabi style Islamic State. To this end Saudi funded it’s organisational branch in Iraq since al Zarqawi led the group prior to and during America and Britain’s military Operation Iraqi Liberation. When D’aesh split from the international leadership of al Qaeda the Saudis continued to fund and arm the group. The Independent reported that Bandar bin Sultan told MI6 that this was for the specific purpose of genocide against Shiites in Iraq and Syria as well as Syrian Alawites.

Saudi Arabia is a violent and dangerous plutocracy. The ten wealthiest members of al Saud have an accumulated wealth that is greater than the combined gross domestic products of the one hundred poorest nations. Salman’s personal wealth exceeds $18,000,000,000. Yet the poorest fifth of Arabians who have the misfortune of living under the Saudi monarchy are in absolute poverty. A third of Arabian youth are unemployed while the Saudi plutocrats enjoy their luxurious mansions. Saudi Arabia claims that it outlawed slavery in 1962 but the treatment of 1,500,000 foreign labourers under Kafala contracts shows the contrary. Employees are legally bound to their employers, they are stripped of their passports, the employees are denied payments for their endeavours, the employees are also denied transport and contact with their relatives. There are no legal limits for hours worked in Saudi Arabia which is exacerbated by the intense heat of the equatorial sun. There are reports of domestic workers in Saudi Arabia being allowed a mere hour for rest and some shocking reports of domestic workers being denied any rest. Those workers fortunate enough to be allowed to sleep may have no alternative but to do so in a cramped and uncomfortable storage closet. These stringent rules apply even when the workers are suffering illness or physical injury. Five thousand have fled such working conditions and capital punishment has served as a deterrence to labourers with similar ideas and aspirations.

Ali al Ahmed calls the Saudi judiciary a sectarian apartheid system against Shiite Muslims. It must be noted that al Ahmed is not a neutral observer as the Director of the Institute of Gulf Affairs which is a think tank and advocacy group promoting human rights on the Arabian Peninsula. The Institute of Gulf Affairs is based in Washington District of Columbia. Despite the bias from the source there is credibility in the claim as the unjust execution of cleric Sheikh Nimr al Nimr proves. Ulema are permitted to sanction anti Shiite violence in their fatwas. There are no Shiite mayors or police chiefs in Saudi Arabia and none of the three hundred Shiite girls’ schools have a Shiite principal. Wahhabi teachers denigrate Shiite students with explicit vitriol involving the k word and Shiites are limited by the Saudi government on what they name their children. The genocidal campaign of violent crackdowns on Qatif by Saudi forces is indicative of how they really feel about their Islamic brethren.

Europe and the West have been condemned as racist for not homing enough Syrian refugees. Despite being just over a hundred miles from Syria the Saudi regime has not taken a single displaced Syrian. This shows that the Saudi propaganda about the monarchy caring for Sunni Arabs is brazen bovine excrement. This is not surprising. According to the Belfast Telegraph in 2014 Saudi Arabia had already spent over $3,000,000,000 arming and funding al Qaeda/ Jabhat al Nusra/ Jabhat Fateh al Sham, Jaish al Fatah the Army of Conquest, Fatah Halab, the Islamic Front, Ahrar ash Sham and Ahrar al Sham (allies of al Qaeda), Turkistan Islamic party of Syria, Jabhat Ansar al Din, the Caucasus Emirate (Chechen, Dagestani and Ossetian Wahhabists), ISIS and their allies Khalid ibn al Walid Army. These organisations are the reason half a million people in Syria have been killed in a violent attempt at regime change. Also, who could forget Harakat Nour al din al Zenki the group who boasted that they were more barbaric than ISIS while they decapitated a Palestinian teenager? Later that week the same people in the video of the decapitation appeared in a video by the White Helmets appearing to show the rescue of Omran Daqneesh. It is well known that Saudi Arabia fund the White Helmets. It is no coincidence that the White Helmets report from territory held by Jabhat al Nusra and this is intelligently alluded to in a 9/11 internet image. Also, this shows the motivation for showing Omran Daqneesh’s unfortunate circumstances ad nausem in the Western media. It was not for human concern, they did not show the decapitation of the Palestinian, but for the malevolent regime change agenda against Syria. The armed Wahhabist groups are responsible for forcing 12,400,000 Syrians from their homes including the 4,800,000 Syrians who fled their home country. Despite the abundantly clear moral responsibility, since it was al Saud who armed and funded the Wahhabi terrorists in Syria, the moral imperative to take refugees from the conflict they created is brazenly and audaciously denied and ignored by Saudi Arabia.