America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has hurt the American people.

How has the European Union’s alliance with Saudi Arabia worked out? Out of thirty one major terrorist attacks in EU nations since December 2010 twenty eight have been Wahhabi terrorists engaging in sectarian and racist violence. Out of the other three two attacks were far right terrorists engaging in similar violence and the other was a school bombing in a Sacra Corona Unita dispute. This is due to Saudi funding of groups in Syria and Libya as well. In Libya both the EU and Saudi Arabia supported NATO regime change against Muammar Gaddafi’s leadership of the Jamahiriya. This included militarily supporting the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group/ Libyan Islamic Movement/ al Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia and Libyan affiliates of D’aesh. Human Rights Investigations, the Anti Media, the New American, the American Thinker and Libyan War The Truth all reported the violent ethnic cleansing and genocide of dark complexioned Libyans that ensued during the violent regime change. This has led to al Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia and D’aesh being well established as Wahhabi organisations in Libya. This and Wahhabi groups holding territories in Syria, Iraq and Yemen means the people unfortunately have no option but to flee to nations in the European Union with underfunded public services which pressurises national infrastructures. This is not helped by Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council or their ally Medinat Yisrael’s attitudes to the people they played major roles in displacing.

Saudi Arabia’s military intervention has led to over 3,154,572 Yemeni people being displaced also. The Saudi intervention on behalf of the Hadi loyalists has assisted the ambitions of the Wahhabi coalition of al Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia and D’aesh who control large areas of territories in central and eastern Yemen. America, Britain, France, Jordan, Kuwait, Medinat Yisrael, Morocco, Qatar, UAE, Senegal and Sudan have all supported the violent chaos ensuing from the Wahhabi war crimes. This has led to the deaths of four thousand Yemeni people and the injury of over eleven thousand Yemeni people.

America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has hurt the American people. Despite being a Saudi ally there have been over sixty-seven Wahhabi terrorist attacks on America since the Nixon administration resulting in the deaths of over 3,146 American people. Yet Big Oil, in cooperation with the OPEC cartel, influences the District of Columbia to the point America allies with a regime that sixty eight percent of their people view negatively as an enemy. The arms manufacturing industry benefits massively from this alliance as the American state department announced a sale of $60,000,000,000 worth of military aircraft to Saudi Arabia which had the full support of Medinat Yisrael. Andrew Shapiro had the brazen audacity to suggest it wasn’t about Iran. That is exactly what it is about as Iran has the mettle and gumption to oppose and resist the malevolent military agendas of Wahhabi ideologues and their Zionist allies. Yet Iran is supposed to trust America on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action when the latter is irrationally arming and strengthening Iran’s enemies when said states are already militarily capable.

Saudi Arabia is also a far right wing dictatorship. The definition of right wing and left wing comes from the French National Assembly the legislature that existed under the French monarchy. Supporters of His Majesty’s government sat to the right of the king while opponents to His Majesty sat on the left side. In Saudi Arabia loyalty to His Majesty’s government is not optional under the absolute monarchy. Being left wing is literally a capital offence in Saudi Arabia. The result is an ultra-conservative societal approach to maintaining a far right Wahhabi autocracy. Even advocates of constitutional monarchy are executed. This shows the House of Saud’s love of centralised power and governing by decree. Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi ideology has been compared to Fascism. Wahhabi judges enforce what they interpret to be Sharia rulings with the vicious authoritarianism of the Roman Imperial Civil Magistrate and there is centralised merger between the corporate and the state as the House of Saud’s control of OPEC cartel and its relationship with Big Oil. Even the cosy relationship between the House of Saud and contractor Mohammed Binladen Organisation shows Fascism of the Mussolini brand with Bandar bin Sultan’s relationship with the House of Bush’s oil companies reinforcing this accurate perception.

Saudi Arabia fund the Taliban, al Qaeda and D’aesh’s Khorasan unit in Afghanistan. D’aesh are currently fighting al Qaeda and the Taliban following a split in the Wahhabi leadership in Afghanistan after Mohammed Omar was killed. This is a battle for who will take control of a resurgent Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. All three groups indoctrinate children and use them as soldiers while aggressively policing tribal areas of Pashtunistan with Wahhabi vigilantism. The reason for Saudi involvement is that they do not want Iranian influence and allies gaining power directly to the Islamic Republic’s east. Or as the Saudis articulated their strategy with sectarian bigotry “No Shia dogs”. There is undoubtedly an ethnic and cultural element to Saudi Arabia’s hatred of Iran as Saudi Arabia emphasises that Iranians are Persian and denigrates Iranians as Zoroastrians even though only twenty-five thousand people out of eighty million follow the religion. The Wahhabi war against post emirate Afghanistan has led to sixteen thousand Afghans losing their lives since 2015 and sixty-four thousand Afghans have lost their lives to Wahhabi terror since 2001. Due to the aforementioned internecine feud and Afghanistan’s military crackdown on Wahhabi terror since 2015 between sixteen thousand and thirty-three thousand Wahhabi terrorists have been militarily taken out in Afghanistan. Since 2001 Afghanistan’s military has killed over seventy-three thousand armed Wahhabi terrorists. Over 155,263 Saudi funded Wahhabi terrorists have been militarily taken out by the Syrian military in the last half decade alone.

The successful Syrian military resistance to Wahhabi terror has not only displeased America, Britain and Saudi Arabia but their ally Medinat Yisrael. Medinat Yisrael, Saudi Arabia, Rupert Murdoch, former US Vice President Richard Cheney and 4th baron Jacob Rothschild all stand to benefit from Genie Energy extracting oil from al Jawlan in Syria’s border region with Lebanon and Palestine as was reported by Russia Today and Your News Wire.

Saudi Arabia and Israel’s alliance can be explained with the attitude of theirs, due to their ideologies, in relation to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Both states were allies of the Iranian monarch Shah Mohammed Khan, also known as Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who was a brutal autocrat beholden to America and Britain for their involvement in settling his dispute with Mohammed Mossedeq bloodily with Operation Ajax. Since 1979 both Saudi Arabia and Israel have been enemies of Iran. Khomeini’s Iran was a thorn in the side of Ba’athist Iraq which at the time was an ally of Saudi Arabia, America and Britain. Iran’s allies in Lebanon, who would later for Hezbollah, made the situation militarily untenable for Israel. After Communist Afghanistan, Iranian allied groups resisted the influence of Saudi funded Taliban and al Qaeda emirs.

Saudi Arabia spreads its disgusting ideology not only by funding and supporting armed organisations but schools and mosques as well. Fahd spent over $75,000,000,000 on schools, mosques and “charities” which are nothing more than fronts for armed Wahhabi groups in the manner that the World Assembly of Muslim Youth are a public relations front for al Qaeda. The aforementioned also accounts for spending decisions delegated to Fahd by Khalid towards the end of the latter’s reign.  Saudi Arabia, according to its own official figures, funds 210 Wahhabi religious centres, 1,500 mosques, 202 colleges and 2,000 schools to indoctrinate people with their ideology. This operation is run under Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs through its body the Muslim World League. The material which is distributed in free literature provided by said institutions often dehumanises people of other faiths. As was previously mentioned they compare Shiites to canines but they also assert that Jews are monkeys and that Christians are porcines. They also explicitly advocate genocide the aforementioned religious groups. The sectarianism is clear for the world to see. Yet the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the brazen and two faced hypocrisy to issue statements such as “The Saudi Arabian government does not advocate or support the bigoted beliefs of extremists and there is no such organisation as the Saudi Arabian religious establishment.” If there is no Saudi Arabian religious establishment how do they explain the Ulema? How would they explain the Ikhwan in the history of the third Emirate of Saudi Arabia?

The Diriyah Emirate (1744-1818) and the Nejd Emirate (1824-1891) were the first two Saudi and Wahhabi states in Arabia. The third started out as a small Wahhabi Emirate in Qatif near Bahrain. Ibn Saud captured Nejd in 1902 by militarily retaking Riyadh, the third time the metropolis, including ad Diriyah, had served as the Saudi capital. A decade later Faisal al Dawish founded the Ikhwan a far right and puritanical group of xenophobic Wahhabi terrorists. Naturally Ibn Saud sought and gained their support. They captured al Ahsa from Turkey the year after. In 1921 they defeated the Rashid dynasty and the Jabal Shamaar Emirate based in Ha’il. They had been warring over territory in east Mecca region and west Riyadh region. The Ikhwan helped Ibn Saud take over Hejaz violently by the mid nineteen twenties. The Ikhwan wanted to annex Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait however Ibn Saud opposed it on the basis of his alliance with Great Britain. Ibn Saud massacred Ikhwan at Shabilla in 1929. After that the Nejd Emirate and Hejaz Emirate were merged into one in 1932. For the next half century, the Wahhabi autocrats ruled on whim and decree alone until the Grand Mosque seizure were armed Wahhabi terrorists took over the Grand Mosque as they believed one of their leaders was the Mahdi id est they thought Mohammed Abdullah al-Qahtani was the Islamic messiah. After the military stand off lasting a fortnight 69 Wahhabi terrorists were killed and Khalid restored the power of Ikhwan style Wahhabi militants in the form of the Ulema. Their name has literal translations of scholars or learned ones, without the slightest hint of irony, but in practice they serve as an ultra-right wing Wahhabi clique with the power of collective oppositional theocratic veto. Despite the violent, controversial and complex history Saudi Arabia still has temerity to state that it has no religious establishment.

Note well why Ibn Saud crushed the Ikhwan. Due to the Saudi Britain alliance. It is the alliances of powerful imperialist states, federations and councils such as Britain, America, Medinat Yisrael, Gulf Cooperation Council, EU, Germany and France that allows Saudi Arabia to spread its Wahhabi terror around the globe. If Western nations and states abandoned Saudi Arabia as they should then the emirate would be internationally isolated despite its Zionist and Gulf allies in the anti-Iran coalition. Wahhabi terror groups would not be able to create chaos and murder people Imagine the damage that could be done to the OPEC cartel if Saudi Arabia was forced to pay thousands of percentages in tariffs on their petroleum exports. These punitive tariffs could be extended to the petroleum and other exports of their Zionist and Gulf allies. These unreconstructed terrorists and anti-Western bigots, from Israel through Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, would soon be reconstructed and mend their aggressive disdain for international law and learn to respect Occidental civilisation and culture.