It has also been reported that British SAS and Irish Free State forces, so much for the Irish Free State’s neutrality, trained Wahhabi terrorists in Benghazi and that the CIA and MI6 helped Wahhabi terrorists transport arms from Libya to Syria via Turkey.

This year Britain has seen four terrorist attacks and a preventable man-made disaster. Responsibility for these catastrophes lies squarely in the errors made by the British government. Under Prime Minister Theresa May’s time as Home Secretary information on British citizens assisting al Qaeda in Libya was redacted in London Metropolitan Police reports which was unprecedented at the time. The motive was to overthrow Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya which led to seventeen thousand people losing their lives in a bloody and barbaric war. The British ambassador at the time of the violent regime change estimated that between 60% and 70% of the terrorists were foreign including Britons and Mancunians. It was around this time that Manchester bomber Salman Abedi was recruited by GCHQ for said purpose. He was protected and the security services irresponsibly ignored several reports and warnings from concerned public callers on the subject of his sympathies with the violent Wahhabi ideology. Video footage has emerged from that period of a senior Manchester police officer warning Home Secretary May that the cuts she was implementing would have disastrous consequences. May’s terse response was that he was “scaremongering” and “crying wolf” and we now know the wolf he was scaremongering about was real. At that time in Britain listed Wahhabi terrorists had control orders lifted and passports returned within days of the regime change plan against Libya being put into practice. One MI5 officer asked one of said Wahhabi terrorists “are you willing to go into battle?” It has also been reported that British SAS and Irish Free State forces, so much for the Irish Free State’s neutrality, trained Wahhabi terrorists in Benghazi and that the CIA and MI6 helped Wahhabi terrorists transport arms from Libya to Syria via Turkey. The British government played with fire and the people of Britain were burnt. Thirty five innocent people because the British government pursued a stupid, risky, immoral and ill advised foreign policy strategy.

The aforementioned terror attacks all fit the definition and criteria to be classified as hate crimes. As Home Secretary Theresa May promised to crack down on violent hate crimes yet cut the number of staff allocated to investigating hate crimes. May cut border force staff by 1,000 personnel which did not help the British government detect Wahhabi terrorists coming back from Libya and Syria. Police numbers were cut by twenty thousand so there were less staff to detect and fight the threat of Wahhabi terror. It is known that over 850 terrorists from Britain went to fight in Syria but there are no reliable figures for British terrorists who fought in Libya other than the fact it was more than a hundred. The British government were well aware of the fact that the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group was fully affiliated with al Qaeda and that it worked with Ansar al Sharia and Libyan affiliates of D’aesh. After all those were the reasons the British government designated LIFG as a proscribed terrorist organisation.

Another problem is Theresa May’s main planks and what she staked her premiership on. In her first major Downing Street speech as premier and Conservative leader as a head of government who would fight “burning social injustice”. She has often repeated that her government would be “strong and stable”. In the context of Grenfell Tower, which was literally a “burning social injustice”, and the four terror attacks these statements seem hollow and ludicrous.

The retaliatory Finsbury Park attack did not happen in a vacuum. Finsbury Park mosque had been far too soft on Wahhabi bigots and even accommodating of them such as the Egyptian Imam Mustafa Kamel, also known as Abu Hamza al Nasri, during his time there between 1997 and 2003. He is now deservedly imprisoned for life without parole in Colorado. However it was not just the Wahhabi far right who whipped up tension and hatred. Stephen Yaxley Lennon, pseudonym Tommy Robinson, is one person who needs to be held to account. He spoke of “Britons taking matters into their own hands like they did in Northern Ireland (sic)” prior to the attack in reference to the spread of Wahhabi bigotry in Britain. The part in reference to occupied Ireland is offensive hypocrisy as it seems for all the complaining he does that he is quite partial to terrorism. He authored a book called Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam despite the fact a minority of Muslims in the world actually subscribe to Wahhabism. He founded and led both the English Defence League and European Defence League. Prior to that he was a British National Party member and after that he was in the British Freedom Party. He now works for the The Rebel Media.

There are Paul Goulding and Jayden Frantzen who also spout Islamophobia at the pretence of opposing Wahhabism. They lead Britain First. A member killed Labour MP Jo Cox during Brexit campaign. Goulding called it a “heinous crime” but didn’t think Tommy Mair was heinous when recruiting him for Britain First. Jayden Franzten, a Zionist Ashkenazim, says “where there’s Islam there’s extremism”. InfoWars Paul Joseph Watson is another in this basket of deplorables who spouts Islamophobic excrement while supporting Israel. All of these bigots are silent on the fact their beloved Israel supports the monarchies who arm and fund the terrorist groups they allegedly hate.